Open Question

If you could choose one EU character to have a cameo appearance in any of the movies, like Aurra Sing in TPM, who would you choose, and where would you put them?


  1. Grand Admiral Thrawn, maybe in ROTJ

    1. I think it would be beneficial to wait on rebels season 4 conclusion before add Thrawn. Who knows, he might be killed off.

  2. I'm with the Mara Jade idea, Jabba's palace

  3. Any non-Timothy Zahn suggestions?

  4. How is Aurra Sing a EU character? Her first appearance was her cameo appearance. Quilan Vos was mentioned in EP3 and there is a deleted scene in wich he gets killed by a Juggernaut. The Outrider on A New Hope's Special Edition. Boba Fett is also technically an EU character and so are Aayla Secura, Kashyyyk and Coruscant.
    I think its easier to add ships, droids or alien species than specific characters. Like Z-95 Headhunters in any of the 6 movies.
    Or maybe Borsk Fey'lya at the Return of the Jedi debriefing.

  5. Maybe Kyle Katarn could make a apperance in Episode IV.

  6. I support the idea of Grand Admiral Thrawn or Mara Jade... Maybe Thrawn in the Death Star would not be as difficult (there is already someone with a grand admiral uniform during the scene where Tarkin announces that the has been dissolved), or Mara Jade in the background of Jabba's Palace. Timothy Zahn has an interview at where he expressed his desire to have these characters included in either the PT or the SE: TFN: Which one is she in "Jedi"?

    TZ: She's not in the movie. I had hopes that in the Special Edition they might put her in there, but not. On the other hand, I can argue very easily that given her mission and her identity, she'd be in the background. She wouldn't be anywhere near where the camera's pointing anyway. So she's just off-camera someplace... staying to the shadows, looking at Luke.

    TFN: And what about Thrawn? Given the chance, would you like to see Thrawn somewhere in Episode 2 or 3?

    TZ: Oh, definitely! I would be delighted to see a blue-skinned alien just walk in the background behind other people talking. I'm not expecting it, but it would be very nice.

  7. Bodo Baas

    He was supposed to be on the Jedi Council during that time...It would be cool to have a cameo