Arrival of the troops

Why: First, when Grievous tells Obi-Wan, “Army or not, you must realize…” I always heard, “Are you not…” and it took actually reading the script to know what he said there.

I would also remove the noise Obi-Wan makes just before he Force-pushes Grievous into the wall because it sounds like a groan someone makes before a muscular contraction, like tennis players, but in this case it’s purely mental so I don’t think that sound really fits.

I also didn’t like the way Grievous walks away like a spider after Obi-Wan pushes him, it looks pathetic…and just pure weird.

How: Grievous’s line could be fixed with a simple dub to make it clearer, and Obi-Wan groan should be removed. Lastly, since Grievous is CGI, I would redo him falling on his feet and running to his bike, instead of that weird thing that he does with his arms.

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