Star Wars has been the fascination of many, many people, young and old, over the last few decades. This is because the movies have been made in such a unique and fascinating way, using techniques such as George Lucas’s “used future” technique, to convey a very convincing image of a galaxy so distant from our own, and filled with stories to stretch our imaginations and take us away from some of our problems from time to time.

George Lucas has mentioned on several occasions that he tries his best to pay attention to every little detail, and you can see this in his movies. Growing up I used to think of them as “perfection,” that nobody could do anything like what George Lucas did. Recently however, particularly after my exposure to AOTC, it has struck my attention, and the attentions of many others, that there are small details, events, or lines in the movies that just don’t fit. Either by creating contradicting events within the saga as a whole, situations that simply don’t make sense, or phrases that kill the mood of the audience and negatively affect the quality of the film. Also, for someone new to the saga, a huge difference would be apparent between the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy. What my vision for the saga is is not for the original trilogy to be made into a CGI-fest, but to actually make the prequels fit into them more, while improving the continuity of the saga by subtly touching-up some graphics and lines in the original trilogy.

Star Wars in my opinion deserves perfection, so I dedicate this site to the fans of Star Wars, where hopefully some of the smaller details we've all noticed can be listed, discussed, and explored, and perhaps be used to change scenes in future releases of the Star Wars movies, either by LucasFilm (which now seems highly unlikely) or talented and enthusiastic fans who share the same selfless vision of creating a great, finely integrated saga for future generations to enjoy.

This site is for fans to discuss possible changes the Star Wars saga as a community in a unique environment, and I've started it off by listing suggestions of my own. These are a combination of things that I noticed and would like to see changed, and a well-filtered list of hundreds of fan ideas that I've collected over the years from various sites, forums, etc. It’s impossible to go through ALL fan ideas ever devised, so the fan ideas I've chosen to include are ones that I felt to be supportive of this site’s main objective, cleverly thought out to iron out any plot holes and such, and most importantly of all, ones that have a possibility of being integrated into the movies easily. I can't deny though that there are some pretty radicals ones as well...

I've divided the site into pages for each movie. On each movie page, I’ve divided each proposed change into what, why, and how, to make it easy for readers to understand, and under each one are options to vote on what you think of the change, as well as to comment on it.

How you can help

I know there are a lot of people out there who have tons of ideas about how to change Star Wars in a positive way, and this site is for everyone to share these ideas with the world. The ideas already posted are there for you to vote and comment on, and the more votes and positive comments we get, the better the chance of these changes actually becoming a reality. If you'd like to post your own original ideas, you can either contact me to post them for you, or I can make you a site author so you can post them yourself.

Also, I must admit that I'm not as much a Star Wars expert as many others, so the ideas I've come up with are ones that I felt were logical and matched my limited knowledge of Star Wars. If you think I've made a mistake in any of my points, don't hesitate to comment. Just keep in mind that I've explored and discussed a lot of the controversial issues with many people on different forums, etc. so in a lot of cases, I do know what I'm talking about.

Types of changes and how to carry them out

Graphics: This is where LucasFilm should have no problem save for the cost of it. ILM can make any kind of graphic changes needed, and I do think that the investment will pay off. A few fan films and fan edits of the movies have also displayed great talent and ability in performing many complex graphical changes.

Lines and dialogue: I was once watching an episode of Oprah and they were talking about Shrek 2 and had Eddie Murphy, Mike Myers, and Cameron Diaz come in as guests. When they were talking about how they recorded the voices, Eddie Murphy mentioned that the studio sent him some sort of “record-it-at-home” kit and he actually recorded a lot of his lines from his home. So I think if it becomes hard to get specific actors to come into the studios and record lines, the Oprah idea just might be a good solution.

New shots or re-shooting: This is without doubt an extreme alternative, that's why I mentioned as little of it as possible. It might be a bit costly and even next to impossible when it comes to the original trilogy, but it could be done, and I do believe that if some things that I mentioned in my lists get done and done right, it will be a huge payoff. Besides, how bad could it be reuniting the old gang one last time for shooting a few scenes and having fun with some old friends?


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  1. Star Wars Episode 7 is on its way....who'd have thought, eh? Meeza liking this! I have a feeling your webpage is about to go into overdrive. Or is that hyperdrive! lol Can't believe it's happening. What does anyone else think???

  2. Yeah I hope they don't screw things up. It's important to keep Anakin in the story somehow, because the Star Wars Saga is essentially a story about him. If they do stick to that, the only way is having his Force ghost around like Ben in the OT.

    I sincerely hope they stay away from turning Star Wars into a CGI-fest, and stick to good story telling and intrigue.