The Battle of Kashyyyk

Why: The Battle of Kashyyyk was pretty grand, but I personally expected a bit more. To be precise, I expected more from the wookiees. All they did in the movie was growl at the droids, and a couple of them blew up some kind of tank that goes on water. There was no indication that they were good warriors. Heck, I think the ewoks could give them a few pointers.

There is also very little exposure of Kashyyyk. The way it’s described in all the books and shown in video games is a planet with big tall trees reaching up to the clouds with a dark forest floor. What we see in the movie is a lake with a medium-sized tree next to it, all surrounded by mountains.

The last thing is that the battle itself had no kind of structure or conclusion – the same problem that the Battle of Geonosis had. When Yoda left, the audience totally forgot about Kashyyyk, so we have no idea what happened there.

How: First, I didn’t like the way the battle started, with the Republic forces attacking as when they find out that the droids have started up their power generators. Instead I would have them attack when they find out that another droid ship has landed and that they can’t wait anymore. This would make a more sense in my opinion.

Secondly, it should be made more obvious that the Republic troops were hiding until the droids were close enough to the wookiees. In the movie, they’re shown fighting side by side.

Next, there need to be more shots of the wookiees actually doing something. This could include hand-to-hand combat with the droids, etc.

There could also be more action in the forest, like what we see in the “Lego Star Wars” mini-movie. This could be a place behind the droids’ camp, and we could have the Republic trying to flank them. This would show off a bit of Kashyyyk’s forests.

Lastly, more Luminara!

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