By the lake

Why: When Anakin and Padmé are by the lake on Naboo, the kiss and the conversation leading up to it weren’t very good in my opinion. They didn’t seem very realistic, and at the same time they didn’t feel like Star Wars. To me it looked like Anakin almost forced himself on Padmé, and she for some un-understandable reason didn’t resist…for a while anyway. I mean how would a girl react if you suddenly start running your fingers down her back out of the blue? And then let you kiss her? I think this scene needs some work.

How: First, the conversation needs to be changed. To make things flow smoothly and logically, let’s look at what they talk about. Their first conversation was about Anakin and his Jedi teachings. The second is about Jedi not being allowed to love. The third is about Padmé and her career. The conversation right after this one is about galactic politics. Therefore, I think the best thing to put in this conversation would be more about Padmé, perhaps something about her family. This could lead to a conversation about who has who’s eyes, which could lead to Anakin complementing her, and that could lead to another passionate moment with “Across the Stars” music in the background. But I don’t think they should kiss in this scene. It should just be some eye contact, gazing into each other’s eyes for a few moments, followed by Padmé looking away after she realizes what’s going on. Anakin could then say something funny to make her look up at him again, smiling, and maybe making one last comment.

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