Council afternoon

Why: First, I think it would be quite crucial to remind the viewer that Dooku has armies on other planets and that’s why the war is just beginning. This, followed by the scene of clones getting loaded on transports would create more of a pre-war atmosphere, much more than it already is. I think that for this to be done right, Yoda’s last few lines need to be changed because they don’t provide any new information and create an unnecessarily dark atmosphere at the end of the movie. A glorious ending to the movie is what makes a Star Wars movie different than any other, but when Yoda says things like, “The shroud of the dark side has fallen,” and the following events, it makes the atmosphere too creepy and decreases the quality of the ending.

Lastly, I don’t know the reason behind this, but the Jedi Council seemed to be missing a lot of chairs. Was this because a lot of the Jedi died including members of the council so their chairs were removed? But why would that be necessary if new Jedi are going to come and replace them? I personally don’t see the logic behind the missing chairs issue, plus the whole thing makes the council chamber look really empty for no reason.

How: Chairs first…create some CGI chairs in the Council chamber…nothing too difficult I presume.

As for what Yoda’s lines should be, well here’s an idea:
OBI-WAN: I must admit that without the clones it would not have been a victory.

YODA: A short victory this was, Master Obi-Wan. On many planets does Dooku have his armies. Never will they stop until they control the galaxy…for that is the way of the dark side. No, Master Obi-Wan, only begun this war has.


  1. I'd go ahead and fix this scence with the chairs. But the most annoying thing that p*$$#d me of was Yoda naming the war, "The Clone War". 1- The war isn't about, or only involving clones. Jedi, droids and other species will particpate in the war. 2- Typically wars are usually named after they have finished. eg The war in Europe became the war to end all wars then it became WW1. The war between the states became known as the Civil wars, etc. 3. To a Jedi ANY war is a tragdey no matter what you call it. If yoda said," Begun war has", I belive it has a lot more impact.

  2. Agreed. What you say makes a lot of sense.