Death Star attack

Why: Obviously the rebels’ attack on the Death Star is supposed to be very small scale since they have very few fighters and few resources, etc. However, it could be a bit larger than it is now, simply because it feels a little slow and a little too empty. An Imperial officer mentions to Vader that there are thirty rebel ships, however the ships we actually see are three attack waves of three fighters, which make nine ships in total. Ok, what happened to the other twenty-one ships then? Also, where are all the TIE fighters we see flying around in the other scenes? We only see about two or three of them.

How: What could be done to take care of this problem is to expand the battle to include a confrontation between the TIE fighters and the X-wings. A small subplot could be made to spice the ending up a bit, but the emphasis on the trench should stay as it is because that’s what makes the movie great. The other X-wings could work as a kind of diversion to keep the TIE fighters away from the trench.

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