Dissolving the Senate

Why: A lot of people suggested adding a scene where the Senate is dissolved, but I can’t say I’m 100% for it because, although it would be a nice saga tie-in, it might compromise ANH as a standalone film. Another big question is if the Emperor should be in this movie or not.

How: If we’re going to keep the Emperor out, which is what I would prefer, we could have a shot an old Mas Amedda, or another one of the Emperor’s aides, entering the Senate and telling them that it’s the Emperor’s command that the Senate be dissolved. A few lines can be put in from different senators showing outrage, which are dealt with by having stormtroopers come in and “take care of them.” We could also have a scene of some of Bail Organa’s aides walking out of the Senate and telling each other that they should contact him on Alderaan and tell him the news. This would make an interesting side-story in the movie, since the movie is pretty straight forward, unlike the prequels.

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