Dooku's complex personality

Why: There is some confusion as to why Dooku wanted to finish off Obi-Wan and not want to finish off Yoda. I think this has to do with Dooku’s principles and his personality.

While Yoda was using the Force to stop the big metal object from falling on Obi-Wan and Anakin, Dooku could have easily killed him, killing the other two Jedi at the same time. It can be debated that he was in a hurry to leave, but then why did he bother to finish off Obi-Wan after he’d injured him?

Another point might be that he didn’t want to kill a defenseless Jedi, but then again why did he want to finish off Obi-Wan?

Not striking down Yoda was not a point of whether or not he could do it, since it was undeniably a sure kill, but whether he would do it.

I think this could be considered as a complexity within Dooku’s personality. He’s a Sith lord, who wouldn’t hesitate to kill anyone at any time to get the job done. The fact that he was once a Jedi becomes totally irrelevant once he becomes a Sith. But aside from being a Sith, he’s also a Count, an aristocrat, and I think as an aristocrat he has his own disciplines and principles on killing with honor.

Without going any deeper, I would suggest that he, in this case, had put his aristocratic point of view ahead of his Sith point of view and went against killing Yoda and the Jedi because they were defenseless. This does, however, make a contradiction to the fact that he wanted to kill Obi-Wan, who was in fact defenseless.

To get rid of this contradiction, he should be made to not move in to kill Obi-Wan and be made to try to escape, since he was obviously in a rush.

How: Instead of him moving to finish off Obi-Wan, have him stop and say something like, “I will not kill a defenseless Jedi, consider yourself lucky Master Kenobi,” and have him quickly turn to walk away towards his ship. As he turns he finds Anakin Skywalker standing in front of him looking dark and angry. Have Anakin ignite his lightsaber and start the duel.

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