Droid voices

Why: The voices of the vulture droids need to be totally removed in my opinion. They’re too goofy and make the space battle seem a lot less serious than it should be.

Also, the voices of the battle droids and the super battle droids in the movie are a lot different than in the other movies. They’re kind of high pitched and sound very childish. I think they should be made to sound more menacing, especially the super battle droids.

How: Remove the vulture droid voices, and then re-dub the regular battle droid lines with the same lines but in the regular old voices like we heard in TPM and AOTC. Re-dub the super battle droid voices with something deeper and more menacing and maybe more robotic. It might even be interesting if they spoke in tones and sounds, kind of like R2-D2, but also deeper and more menacing.

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