Ewoks overpowering the stormtroopers

Why: It’s really unbelievable that a bunch of teddy-bear sized creatures with primitive, medieval weapons could take out the Emperor’s best troops with all the latest hi-tech weaponry. The way it happens in the movie is not very believable, for example seeing an Ewok throwing a rock at a stormtrooper and making him fall over. This could be significantly improved to at least look more believable to the viewer. This I think is the main thing that would improve the movie, as it is the most thing people complain about.

How: Here are a few ideas:
  • Take out scenes with stormtroopers getting bumped on the head by rocks and falling over. This will cause a drastic change in the believability of the battle.
  • Digitally increase the number of Ewoks running around in the forest.
  • Make a group of stormtroopers fall into a huge pit dug up by the Ewoks. When did they have time to dig it up? An explanation is in the cartoon, the Ewoks are constantly at war with some other forest aliens, which explains their use of catapults, logs, and bows and arrows.
  • Add more boulders being launched from catapults, as they do cause a lot of damage, except make them hit stormtroopers instead of walkers.
  • Have some stormtroopers fall into traps which catch their feet and leave them hanging upside-down from a tree, similar to the trap the heroes fell into earlier.
  • Add shots of rebels attacking troopers and/or co-operating with the Ewoks.


  1. "Digitally increase the number of Ewoks running around in the forest."

    Yes! Needs more Ewok. And I am serious.

  2. The ewoks should have been more fierce and agile looking in the first place. I believe there was a design that was abandoned, because the costume would have been to difficult.