Give Yoda some humor

Why: Yoda has absolutely no sense of humor in TPM and throughout most of the PT. It’s a shame because the OT Yoda was quite funny, while the PT one is like a piece of stale bread.

I think some humor can be added to the scene where the council is testing Anakin. This is a good place to put it because Yoda jokes with the younglings in AOTC and I guess Anakin could be considered as a youngling.

How: When Yoda says, “See though you we can,” replace it with something that isn’t so threatening like something with a bit of humor or at least a bit of lightheartedness. Also, have Yoda chuckle a bit just before he says, “Everything,” and have him say it in a lighter tone.

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  1. Agreed, the Jedi (and Yoda in particular) seemed much more distant and colder than I had imagined before 1999. I know that's supposed to be the Jedi's flaw, but Yoda should definitely have some warmth and humor