"His fate will be the same as ours"

Why: When I read this in the script before seeing the movie, I was expecting Anakin to say this line to Palpatine with a bit of annoyed anger in his voice. This is because he should be feeling outraged that Palpatine would even consider leaving Obi-Wan behind after learning that he’s alright. So when I saw the movie, I was pretty disappointed to see that Hayden just read the line like he’s reciting a love poem or something.

How: If there’s another, better cut, then use it. This line cannot be cut as it’s vital in the story. One other idea would be to just dub over it with Hayden saying it in a more stern voice.


  1. This borders in the expectation setting arena. Without reading the script first, I thought the seriousness and serenity with he says this line is perfect. He leaves no space for doubt, like he is telling Palpatine an unchangeable fact. Being angry would mean he struggles with the idea: he just doesn't because there's no space for negotiation.

  2. He delivers the line as fact, also chillingly there is a darker undertone to this line, as all three did indeed meet the same fate, they all died directly by vader's own hands!