"I'm building a droid!"

Why: When Anakin brings his new friends to his house, very little is shown of their introduction to Shmi. There is one instance where Qui-Gon is telling Shmi something and at the same time Anakin is telling Padmé, “I’m building a droid, wanna see?” All we hear is Anakin’s comment, but I think that whatever Qui-Gon is telling her here has a greater priority. Anakin later says, “Come on, I’ll show you Threepio,” which pretty much makes the first line useless.

How: Tone down Anakin’s line by a lot, so that it’s barely audible, while turning up whatever Qui-Gon is saying, which I think is something along the lines of, “This is Jar Jar, and that’s Padmé.

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  1. Sure, not a big thing though. I'd like to see more Shmi, she was a good character/actor an so important but mostly forgotten. Maybe add some more depth and uniqueness to her, to make her more memorable?