Jango Fett's death

Why: The death of Jango Fett should be done much better because he should at least give Mace Windu a bit of a challenge. He has a whole arsenal of weapons at his disposal and obviously has good reflexes, him being selected as the host for millions of elite troops and all. I think someone as significant as Jango needs to have a better death.

How: First, have a brief shot of him looking at Boba just before he takes off to fight in the arena and tell him something like, “Watch this, Boba!” This would make Jango’s death carry a little more weight.

Now for the real stuff, Jango needs a good reason to go down into the arena, and I think I have just the thing. Have Jango go down and kill a few Jedi. This would both show off his skill as a bounty hunter and show that he really is a bad guy in this movie. The Jedi would be distracted and easier targets. This also makes Mace’s killing of Jango look much cooler as it actually serves a bigger purpose than just killing him because he’s in the way.

I would also make Jango do some kind of fancy trick during his fight with Mace, fancy enough to make Mace’s eyes open wide with surprise. This would really make Jango count, and fix his character once and for all.

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