Jar Jar get shocked

Why: There is a really dumb part that happens as soon as the Jedi and Jar Jar arrive at Otoh Gunga. After Captain Tarpals tells Jar Jar that he's in big do-do, another Gungan casually walks up to him and shocks him with some kind of shocking rod. One question: what was the point of that?

How: Remove the segment of the other Gungan walking up to Jar Jar and shocking him. This will also pick up the pace of the scene a bit.


  1. If the voices were redubbed giving the Gungans a more dignified identity and Jar-Jar a more clearly defined character the shock scene might make more sense.

  2. I like the idea of "dignified Gungans", that could really be done since the only Gungans in the saga that talk, other than Jar Jar, are Boss Nass and Captain Tarpals (who only has like a couple of lines). You could make it a more concrete idea and post it on the suggestions page. It really puts a new perspective on everything though, and would definitely make TPM seem like a less childish movie.

    We gotta keep in mind though that they are supposed to be "primitive" or else they'd be on better terms with the Naboo up until TPM. So it has to be like "primitive but dignified", kind of an interesting balance.

    But either way, the scene of the guy coming up to Jar Jar, shocking him, and Jar Jar saying "how wude"... seems a little stupid... imo.

  3. I agree with keeping it, but making the Gungans more dignified. Did you read the rough draft for TPM? It had the Gungans more oppressed by the Naboo and sympathetic, with the Naboo being much more clearly racist. Making them more dignified and sympathetic would have helped this and most of their scenes. At least they weren't Ewoks, though! :p