"Kill him, kill him now"

Why: When I first heard this line, I got the feeling that I heard it somewhere before. But besides that, I got the feeling that there was something wrong with it. I think it’s because Palpatines’s laughing while he’s saying his previous line which suddenly takes a twist into a very serious line. If he could be made to say both lines more seriously, without laughing, I think it will be a lot more effective. Also, if more dialogue is added to further convince Anakin that killing Dooku is the right thing, it would really help.

How: If another cut exists of him saying that line and possibly the one before more seriously, use it. If not…well then it might need to be re-filmed.

Also, a think a line like, “Anakin, he has to die!” should be placed just after Anakin says, “I shouldn’t.” A line like this is more of a command than the first one, which Anakin accepts as coming from someone older and wiser and puts away his Jedi ways to obey that command. A perfect beginning for falling to the dark side.

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