Max Rebo's new band

Why: I really hated the 1997 Special Edition version of Max Rebo’s band and all the events that happen in Jabba’s palace during that scene. I haven’t seen anybody that appreciates what was done with that scene. It’s just too cartoony and goofy, not something that you would find in the lair of a gangster. But, to be perfectly honest, the old song and band weren’t that great either, but they were definitely better than the new one. I think this scene needs major work.

How: First get rid of the drumming Weequay. That just looks and feels plain wrong.

Second, get rid of Boba flirting. That’s not the image anyone would like to have of Boba. He’s always been cool and mysterious, and most importantly, he’s a warrior. The babe-chaser side of him doesn’t really work.

Now that we got those two over with, we can proceed with the big changes.

I think a whole new song is needed. The old one was strange, yet it somehow fit into the scene a whole lot better than the new one. The new one is just a total disaster. It starts off like a Broadway musical which suddenly takes a wrong turn toward African tribal music.

I think the new song needs to capture the atmosphere of a gangster’s lair, along with it having a fast enough beat for the dancers to dance to the way they do.

Another idea is to remove the song completely. There's already a part of another song shown just before that, and Star Wars, as far as I know, is not a musical.

Next we have the creatures and the actions performed by those creatures. I have no problem with diversity among Star Wars species. But that DOG!? Come on. He has to go. He’s just too cartoony and badly misplaced for Jabba’s palace. As for the singer, she’s alright. Just get rid of the part where she puts her lips on the camera, that’s just disgusting. I also liked to backup singers, they looked and sounded cool and felt like they belonged there. If there is any way to save them, that would be great.

The dancers I think were better the second time around. I just never understood the need for having a new scene showing what happened to the dancer after she fell into the Rancor den.

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