Palpatine "disposing" of the Jedi Masters

Why: After the movie first came to theaters, this was one of the first things on people’s minds: how did Palpatine dispose of the Jedi that had come to arrest him so easily? Most would agree that yes, he has the power to do it…but let’s see it! We don’t see him doing anything special, just a few slow movements which the Jedi should’ve blocked easily only they didn’t for some reason. This should be addressed seriously because Sidious’s reputation is at stake!

How: Sidious moves too slow when he attacks the first Jedi. And while he’s attacking him, the other Jedi behind him is just about to strike him down…but doesn’t for some reason.

I would take care of those two Jedi in the following way:

Instead of having Sidious land on the ground after doing his spin and proceeding to kill the Jedi, have him just tap the ground and fly back up into the air, then have a shot of him in the air taking his lightsaber and beheading the two Jedi and then landing behind them. Kind of like the things we see in Asian martial arts movies. Seeing Sidious fight Jet-Li style would really make him look good and make his fighting believable. It can look a little fake as long as it’s fast…speed and fancy moves are the key in this fight.

If the “Crouching Chancellor” idea doesn’t work, then another one would be to just play the deaths of the two Jedi normally, but make Sidious move in fast-forward. This would be a bit more impressive and believable.

The fight with Kit Fisto is a bit disappointing also because he went down too easily. If there is more footage, it should be added.

The fight with Mace was alright…actually it was great, save for a few weird faces Sidious makes, but that point’s coming up next. I also saw some extra shots of them fighting in various webdocs, shots that I didn’t notice in the movie. There was some pretty impressive stuff, and if it can be integrated into the fight, do it. Any extra fancy moves would improve the duel a great deal.

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