Sail barge battle and Boba Fett's demise

Why: The sail barge battle was nice but it could have been choreographed much more professionally and more dynamically to be more in line with the fights in the prequels. Also, Boba’s death by a mere simple comedic accident is no way for a legendary bounty hunter to go. It should be more glorious. From what we’ve seen in AOTC, he hates the Jedi for killing his father, and now that he’s within reach of killing the last one, I think he would be trying extra hard while fighting him.

How: Re-arranging the order of some of the scenes could make the whole battle more dynamic and powerful, along with some CGI modifications.

There is also a great need for longer fight scenes between cuts. The more cuts there are, the harder it is for the viewer to follow, but the longer the action stays without cutting, the more impressive it is. Like the Obi-Wan and Darth Maul duel at the end of TPM, which lasted a good few seconds without cutting, and that’s what blew a lot of people away. If there is more footage in between the shots that we see, they could be added to make the fight more impressive.

Here are my ideas:
  • Luke hits one of Jabba’s henchmen with his lightsaber and he falls into the pit unwounded; this should be changed by having his left arm cut off and have him and the arm fall down into the pit separately, showing more of what a saber can do.
  • When Boba Fett takes off from the barge, most of the goons on the transport that Luke is on are already gone, so like this we can add a new segment of Boba Fett attacking Luke while flying around in his jetpack. We can have a shot of Boba firing a few shots at Luke, who deflects them with his lightsaber. A stunt double can be used for Luke and it can be shot from a distance. After firing a few shots, Boba realizes that it’s no use and that he has to try to get him with his grappling hook.
  • Before Boba lands on the transport, have the gunner hit it with a few shots, making Han and Chewie fall and distracting Luke. Add an additional blast hitting it because there’s a long delay between the impact of the blast and Han and Chewie falling to the ground. This blast can be shown in the background of the shot where Han and Chewie fall. This will also justify why Boba thinks it safe to land.
  • Cut in a shot of Boba landing on the transport while Han and Chewie are on the floor, and as soon as he lands, show him grappling Luke, who is momentarily distracted.
  • Make it more obvious that Boba fell to the floor because of the continuous bombardment of laser blasts and not from Luke cutting the line he shot at him. Add a loud boom in the background to show it more clearly.
  • When Luke jumps to the other transport, make him have his lightsaber on, because it would make more sense to have it on when guns are shooting at him, instead of continuously switching it on and off.
  • After Boba looks up, quickly add a close-up of Chewie growling (warning about Boba) and when Han realizes that Boba is there make him say, “Boba Fett?” just once instead of twice. Then show Boba taking aim (but not firing), followed closely by Han saying “Where?” and swinging the staff. This shot of Boba should also be removed to quicken the pace a bit.
  • The side-shot of Luke fighting and Boba flying in the background could also be used somewhere in this part, but with Boba removed. Also, Luke does this really cheesy kick that doesn’t even hit one of the goons, yet he drops his gun, his head tilts back, and a second later he’s jumping off the transport. It think it’s CGI time. A new character could be digitally rendered beside that goofy character and have Luke kick him square in the face. This new CGI character can bump into the goofy character and make him do all the goofy stuff that he does, except this time with a reason.
  • After Han hits Boba, do not make him go flying. Instead, make Boba drop his gun and grab the metal rod as Han is swinging it and take a long deep angry look at Han (bring the camera very close to his helmet). Then have Chewie (who is standing next to Han) do the first useful thing in the fight and push the rod into Boba, making it go under his arm, then use his Wookiee strength to bend the rod so that it wraps around Boba, then throw him into the pit. Idunno, it’s just an idea. Like this, the same shot of him rolling can be used except the first few frames should be modified to show that he’s got a metal thing around him, and the shot might be mirrored to make it easy for the audience to see that he fell off of the small transport instead of the barge. I would also remove his scream because it’s too goofy.
  • When Luke gets on the sail barge, there’s really no room for decapitations, but there are a few shots where he slashes at the henchmen with his lightsaber and those could use some burn marks like what we see with the separatists on Mustafar in ROTS. This was already done very nicely by some fans.

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  1. Just an opinion but I don't think Fett should fall into the sarlacc pit. Keep Han whacking Fett's rocket pack which malfunctions and goes off, launching Boba straight up. He loops, twists and dives as he tries to regain control as the skiff battle continues to rage below him. Finally, Boba arcs high over Jabba's sail barge and disappears. Moments later, there is a moderate explosion. This leaves the fate of the most notorious bounty hunter in the galaxy somewhat ambivalent. Did he die, or did he survive? Just a thought.