Space battle

Why: The space battle in my opinion is great as it is. I just feel like it needs a tiny bit more to make it fit into the other films better.

How: There are several things that could be done:
  • Make better explosions with more debris.
  • Add more ships here and there with CGI (not too many so it’s not as crowded as in ROTS, which made it impossible to know what was going on).
  • Maybe add something like what we see in ROTS, a pilot floating in space but in a different way, like for example have a new scene with a cockpit shot of a pilot just flying around and all of a sudden a floating corpse of dead pilot hits the cockpit window.
  • Maybe add more scenes of cameras following fighters doing loops, etc.


  1. More ships sounds good, but I object to the pilots floating out into space. My biggest complaint about Ep.3 was the PG-13 rating. After five movies appropriate for kids, he decides to end it with PG-13. I'm imagining in the Star Wars fever of my childhood if my parents told me that I couldn't see Return of the Jedi because of the PG-13 rating. It's cruel. These classic movies should still be appropriate to show to my 7 year old.

  2. I totally agree. I'm not in favour of showing things like Anakin burning up and all that stuff... as for the floating pilots... eh, I don't know if that would traumatize anyone.