Talk with the Emperor

Why: First of all, the new dialogue in the 2004 DVD version is a little confusing. From the opening crawl we know that Vader is going crazy looking for Luke, but when the Emperor mentions his name for the first time in the movie, Vader acts surprised that he has offspring since he thought the baby died along with its mother in ROTS. This brings about the question of whether Vader was playing the Emperor for a fool and it just makes the story too complicated. It’s confusing enough that they want to both convert Luke when there are supposed to be only two Sith at a time. In my opinion, the dialogue needs to be restored to the original. This would also go nicely with the “Vader back on Coruscant scene” I’ve proposed in ANH.

As for Ian McDiarmid’s acting as the Emperor in the hologram, it was nothing more than him moving his mouth. No facial expressions, no emotions, not even a blink. I think the scene should be re-shot and have him act more mysterious and subtle, like the original Emperor hologram.

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