Vader back on Coruscant

Why: This is another "out there" idea. It would be interesting to see a scene at the end of ANH of Vader finding out that Luke Skywalker exists because in the opening crawl of ESB it says that he’s looking for him. Like this, however, the dialogue with the Emperor hologram on the Executor in ESB should be changed back to the pre-2004 DVD version.

A scene like this would also explain why Vader didn’t go looking for Luke before ANH.

How: Show Vader arriving on Coruscant and being greeted by a high-ranking official telling him how surprised he is that Vader made it to Coruscant all the way from Yavin in his little fighter, and that they had learned the name of the pilot who destroyed the Death Star, at the Emperor’s request. After he tells Vader that it was Luke Skywalker, have him tell him that he was just about to inform the Emperor, to which Vader replies that he is going to tell him personally.

The most important part in this scene would be Vader’s reaction to finding out that Luke exists, because at this time he supposedly doesn’t know that he has offspring.

I don’t think the Emperor should appear in this movie, but he should be mentioned more often.

This scene can be placed just before the throne room ceremony, however, I think for this to work well, the shot of Vader just after the destruction of the Death Star should be removed.

Another interesting idea would be to put the Imperial March at the end of this scene because in the next scene we hear the music of the Throne Room Ceremony, which to me was always the march of the good guys. So we have the march of the bad buys followed by the march of the good guys and that makes a really cool contrast. Listen to them sequentially and you’ll see what I mean.

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