Last of the Mandalorians

Why: I never really liked the idea of Jango being involved in so many things in AOTC. He’s the bounty hunter hired to kill senator Amidala and the host for the clone army. It’s like there aren’t enough characters in the Star Wars galaxy that now some of them have to be doing two totally different jobs. I think there needs to be a reason mentioned of why he was chosen to be the host; besides the fact the he obviously shares some kind of friendship with Dooku. It would be interesting if it was mentioned that Jango was one of the last Mandalorians in the galaxy, him having Mandalorian armor and all, and would therefore be the perfect choice for a host due to the Mandalorians’ naturally strong physique. Temuera Morrison is pretty well built and could easily pass for a Mandalorian.

How: Insert a few lines spoken by either Lama Su or Taun-We between when Lama Su says, “Oh, we keep him here,” and, “Apart from his pay…

It could go something like this:
LAMA SU/TAUN-WE: We require new samples of blood from time to time – for cloning purposes – and since Jango is probably the last Mandalorian in the galaxy, he’s the only one who can provide them for us.

OBI-WAN: A Mandalorian?

LAMA SU/TAUN-WE: Y...yes, I expect he was recruited because of his natural physical strength and stamina. A wise choice I might add.
A brief pause should be left before Lama Su says his next line.

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