"10,000 more systems"

Why: Alright, I don’t mind everything in Star Wars being on an unbelievably large scale, but ten thousand more systems is a little too much to imagine. The Galactic Senate itself doesn’t look like it can seat more than the representatives of a couple thousand or so systems. Even the separatist leaders didn’t consist of more than ten or fifteen individuals. So where did this huge number come from all of a sudden?

It’s even hard to believe that there are that many planets in the Star Wars galaxy that have intelligent life on them.

Let’s assume that there are three thousand seats in the Senate, and let’s say that there are another two thousand systems that are not, and were never part of the Republic. That brings us to a total of five thousand systems. Now let’s say that the separatists have turned half of the non-Republic systems to join them, and let’s say that 500 systems left the Republic to join the separatists. Now, if Dooku really wants to make an impression on the separatist leaders, he could tell them that another one thousand more systems would join them…let’s say 500 from outside the Republic and another 500 from within. I think this would be reasonable…and a bit more realistic.

How: The easiest way is to just cut him saying the words, “ten thousand,” so that the number is only, "a thousand".

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