Why: Many people are asking for a scene on Alderaan before the Death Star blows it up. I didn’t like this idea at first, but I think that if it’s done right it could be a really nice addition to the movie. But the most important thing is to do it RIGHT!

How: Have a shot of a city on Alderaan, with a nice mountain view in the background, showing people walking casually going about their regular lives. Maybe have a scene of Bail Organa, a much older man than he was in ROTS, talking to his aides on Coruscant who tell him that the Senate has been dissolved, followed by them finding out that the Death Star is approaching Alderaan and urging Bail to get off the planet quickly.

Then have a scene of the citizens of Alderaan start looking up into the sky one by one with dread in their eyes. The last to look up is Bail Organa. Then show the Death Star in the sky, a pale reflection like the way the moon looks during the day, except that it’s turning and is about the point its gun at the surface. Make a very surprising/dreadful background theme for the shot on Alderaan. Be sure to match the rotation of the Death Star to the angle of rotation of when we see it from the inside.

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