"We've reached the Alderaan system" -- really??

Why: After Tarkin has been looking through the view port of the Death Star at Alderaan for a few seconds, he's informed that they've entered the Alderaan system. That's pretty stupid considering that Alderaan is right in front of him and has been there for a while. We all know what needs to be done with this line...


  1. The running time of the dvd player does not apply with the time that passes in movie.
    That scene serves a purpose to make the plot unveiled more fast. They also were searching already for the hidden rebel base. Even wondered why we never see any fleet over the deathstar?
    You can replace the officer with a hologram though that ties the PT and OT and makes more sense the captain of the ship broadcasts from distant planets.

  2. I don't think he needs to tell Tarkin anything since Alderaan is in front of him. It's like telling someone who has a coffee cup in his hand, "you're holding a coffee cup."