Why: In a lot of scenes on the Falcon, Han, Luke, and Chewie are wearing these 70’s looking headsets with microphones. Similar ones are also worn by the rebel pilots during the attack on the Death Star. This is one of those things that make the movie look old. These days we have Bluetooth headsets with all these blinking lights on them, while the Star Wars universe doesn’t even have wireless communications? This has to be fixed.

How: It would be impossible to remove the headsets digitally because a lot of shots show the characters interacting with them, and…well I think it would be just too damn hard. It would however be possible to remove the wires attached to them to make them wireless at least, and maybe add some blinking lights to them and change their textures to make them look more futuristic.

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  1. Again more 3d tracking knowledge. I hope you can make it work.