Anakin attacks first

Why: The fact that Obi-Wan provokes Anakin by taking out his lightsaber doesn’t really work well. It’s not as epic as him trying to bring Anakin back to the light side (which Vader admits to him doing in ROTJ when Luke says, "Come with me", and he replies, "Obi-Wan once thought as you do" of which we have no indication in this movie) and Anakin actually making the first move. This would give a little more meaning and sense to the fight.

I must admit that throughout the fight, I thought they were just going to stop fighting all of a sudden and be like, “What the hell are we doing?” and give each other hugs. I don’t think it’s shown clearly enough how far Anakin has actually gone to the dark side, at least not in a believable way, and how much each one of them is in real danger.

How: Change some of the dialogue of when Obi-Wan emerges from the ship. It could go something like this:
Also, Anakin’s flip when he attacks Obi-Wan should be re-done because it looks really fake and it’s not real enough to make it impressive. This could be done easily with CGI.

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