Yoda entering Palpatine's office

Why: An action sequence is desperately needed before Yoda enters Palpatine’s office because the current scene doesn’t match the tempo of the fight on Mustafar and totally ruins the mood. First we have the fiercest fight we’ve ever seen in a Star Wars movie going on, then all of a sudden it stops dead and we have Yoda slowly walking into Palpatine’s office and starting a discussion about the Force. Every time I watch the movie I get a really bad feeling when I see the cut to that scene.

Also, the character of Palpatine was totally re-invented in this movie after his face got deformed from the Force-lightning. His character in the prequels was always sly, subtle, and most of all, calm. This is what made everyone like him, because they knew what he was up to and the fact that he’s playing it the way he is was what made him cool.

In ROTJ, his character is mostly arrogant, overconfident, but still calm. This was also very cool for the audience…he was a typical baddie.

Now as for ROTS, I would have to say that I lost a lot of respect for Palpatine. In this movie all he does is laugh and cackle and act like a drunkard. I never would have expected him to act that way, and seeing him this way is a big disappointment, especially after waiting all that time for his true self to be revealed. Some of his lines have to be played with a bit to help out his character a bit.

How: The cut needs to be from action to action in order to work nicely and flow smoothly for the viewer. This can be done by adding a scene, which can be completely CGI, showing Yoda entering Palpatine’s office with brute force. For example have him fighting with a large group of clones using all kinds of Force powers on them, with fast-paced music heard in the background. Then have him enter the corridor that he comes out of in the movie, closing some kind of door behind him and fusing it with his lightsaber to lock the clones out, only to be stopped by the two royal guards – which he disposes of immediately. Like this it would look funnier because of the preceding action. (Another door needs to be opposite the door that he fused, for Mas Amedda to escape from.)

Once the action is subsided, it’s easy to change the tempo of the scene because the memory of the Mustafar scene should be gone from the viewer’s mind by this time, especially if the Yoda battle is as stunning as I can imagine it being.
Once in Palpatine’s office…have him rush into the following dialogue while breathing heavily from exhaustion:
YODA: I hear a new apprentice you have, Chancellor. Or should I call you “Darth Sidious”?

PALPATINE stands up and starts moving around to the far side of his desk.

PALPATINE: You will call me your Emperor. You’ve made a mistake coming here, Master Yoda. The Jedi are no more, and now you will also suffer their fate.

YODA: Not if anything to say about it I have.

PALPATINE ignites his lightsaber and they begin to duel. They don’t get more than a few strikes at each other before YODA notices MAS AMEDDA making a run for it and gets distracted for a second. PALPATINE uses this opportunity to use Force-lightning on YODA, pushing him against the wall.

A cut to Mustafar can be placed here or just after Yoda’s next line.

YODA is dazed for only a brief instant and gets up off the floor very quickly and delivers a Force-push to PALPATINE who is already moving to escape. PALPATINE crashes into the wall behind him. YODA picks up his lightsaber off the floor and ignites it again.

YODA: If so powerful you are, why leave?

PALPATINE moves around in the shadows.

PALPATINE: Your arrogance blinds you, Master Yoda. (My new apprentice/Darth Vader) will become more powerful than either of us. The dark side gives him strength, and now you will experience its full power!

PALPATINE, in dazzling display of skill (CGI), does an amazing move where he lunges at YODA, igniting his lightsaber in midair and landing a blow right on top of YODA, whose lightsaber barely blocks the sheer brute force. PALPATINE’s blow and constant pressure force YODA to the floor. He barely escapes by using PALPATINE’s weight against him and the duel continues.

A cut to Mustafar follows after a few seconds of dueling.

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