Remove the choking segment

Why: The part with Anakin choking Obi-Wan is not really well done for several reasons. One is that Obi-Wan is holding the wrong lightsaber in that scene somehow. I really don’t know how they could’ve made that blooper…I mean doesn’t he see what he’s holding?

The second thing is the whole part of them punching and kicking each other around. One part was so stupid that it was actually funny. Anakin starts running towards Obi-Wan, except that he runs beside him, and Obi-Wan puts his leg up and knocks Anakin down. I mean how stupid could Anakin be?

There is also a part where Obi-Wan is standing above Anakin ready to finish him, and Anakin’s foot is right between Obi-Wan’s legs. If he really wanted to hurt him, he could’ve just raised in foot and nailed him in the crotch.

As for Obi-Wan just grabbing the lightsaber and moving in to chop Anakin in half without a second thought, this opens up a bunch of psychological issues and continuity issues. Why did he want to kill him then and not when he was burning, etc.?

I think this whole segment should just be removed, but the music was nice and should be re-used elsewhere.

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