Anakin joins the council

Why: The scene about Anakin joining the Jedi Council was great, in fact it was perfect, but I’m a picky guy and I think something could be added to make it even better.

How: Just after Anakin finishes making a list of complaints, have Mace Windu say something like, “It was not our intention to put you on the council in the first place. You will appreciate what you have. Now…” then have him conclude it with his current line, “…have seat, young Skywalker.” That would really put him in his place, and show Mace’s authority as well as wisdom.

I would also remove Obi-Wan shaking his head as Anakin is sitting down because it makes it look like he was angry and surprised by what Anakin said, which should not have been the case since he knows him better than anyone. He should have expected it.

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