Grievous speaks to Sidious

Why: Grievous’s approach to Utapau and his landing were great, especially the music in the background…but as soon as we see Grievous coming out, that’s when it gets messy. He comes out of his ship all in a rush, barely walking, barely breathing, and coughing as he goes. He’s pathetic. He doesn’t deserve the amazing music that’s playing in the background. The whole thing barely even make sense if the change regarding General Grievous mentioned above is applied, which explains his cough and his bad posture.

How: If the other General Grievous change is not applied, then an alternative solution could be used for this scene. First, the heavy breathing and the coughing should be eliminated. This just takes away any admiration the audience may have towards the character. As for his walk, he should be made to walk more upright, and when he exits the ship that he lands in, it should look more dignified.

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