Argument in front of the Queen

Why: The scene where Anakin is arguing with Padmé in front of the Queen seems like a totally pointless and unprovoked argument, and seems very rude for a Jedi to be so undisciplined for absolutely no reason. Any Jedi, even a punk like Anakin, would show some restraint and courtesy in the presence of the Queen of Naboo. It doesn’t seem realistic at all.

How: In my opinion, the whole Queen scene should be deleted to give time to other, more important scenes. But if not, then two segments have to be cut. The first is just after the Queen says, “We must consider your own safety,” until Padmé finishes saying, “Excuse me.” Then after Padmé says, “I know some places that are very isolated,” cut until just before the Queen says, “Perfect, it’s settled then.

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