Arrival on Utapau

Why: When Obi-Wan arrives on Utapau, a few strange things happen. First, Tion Meddon calls him a “Young Jedi.” That doesn’t sound right since he’s a master and he doesn’t look all that young.

And second, the thing with his droid taking off and him staying behind confused the hell out of me and pretty much the whole audience that was with me in the theater. Something should be done about that.

How: Have Tion Meddon call Obi-Wan “Master Jedi” just by dubbing over his line.

Now, the part about Obi-Wan not taking off should be made clearer. What could be done is after the droid finished beeping, have Obi-Wan say something like, “No, I won’t be coming with you. Just don’t be late.


  1. Thank you for this article relating to Obi Wan arriving on Utapau. Yes I was totally perplexed to see him seated in his ship talking to his R2 unit, then seeing the ship fly away (I'm assuming he's still on the ship, stupid me!) the the next shot Obi Wan is looking up at his escaping vessel! As you say he's decided to stay on the planet but it's not made clear so bad editing must have taken place there! At one point I thought the Obi Wan on the ship was a 'clone' while the Obi Wan looking up at his escaping vessel was the 'real' Obi Wan. So to clarify he DID stay on the planet. I'm surprised not to see more about this on the internet, so thanks again. I thought I was going mad! lol. Anyhow, apart from that, Revenge Of The Sith is arguably the best of the prequels. I just love the dark undetones that harken back to Return of The Jedi. In fact Sith is the darkest episode and is all the better for it. For me that's when Star Wars is at it's best. Great pace, visual action. The force is strong with this one!!

  2. Glad to be of service :) And yeah the dark tones in Star Wars really are a lot of fun...