Attack of the Clones intro

AOTC had the potential of being the greatest Star Wars film ever, but got held back by small details. For me, I’m sad to say that it’s at the bottom of my list of favorites and it's also what sparked my interest in creating Master Eidtion, but I cannot help but think when watching the film that if they only changed certain things the littlest bit, people would be discussing it as a masterpiece instead of criticising it, and it would be my favorite film in the saga.

My main criticism comes from the dialogue, which is in many scenes was as TheForce.Net forum members like to call it, “cringe-inducing.” I also had the feeling that the editing was really rushed, as if it had been done the day before the movie’s release.

But apart from the criticism, the movie was quite interesting to watch, the story was nice (before it got too confusing when Dooku came along), the graphics in some cases were breathtaking, for example Coruscant, the asteroid belt of Geonosis, etc., and the introduction to characters like Jango Fett worked as a nice back-story to the OT.

Now, the list I’ve made of things to change is quite extensive. Actually it’s the most extensive list out of the movies, and by a long shot, but it’s only my opinion anyways and nothing here HAS to be changed. Now get yourself a nice cup of coffee and start reading the list.

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