The Phantom Menace intro

Now, The Phantom Menace is the beginning of the saga and, despite many people having negative feelings about it, it's actually one of my favorite movies. There were a lot of new innovations in this movie compared to the sequel trilogy; new music, new characters, a whole new perspective of the Star Wars galaxy, and I think that the overall impression it made was quite nice. It wasn’t like the original trilogy, being fantastic and realistic at the same time, no it was more fantastic, but it was that level of fantasy that made it really interesting.

Definitely a great movie – but it does have its own faults. The list is not very long and I think the changes proposed won’t be too difficult to make, but some may prove to be more challenging. Either way, here’s the list. Oh and little a tip, if you want to feel the full effect of my list, read it while watching the movie.


  1. I'm not going to waste my own words explaining why you're completely wrong about this movie because it's already been done for me! Do yourself a favour and check out these reviews:
    It will tell you everything you need to know.

  2. It's a "like it or hate it" movie and I liked it -- so did most of my friends. On the other hand I hated AOTC while some people loved it. I can't say that they're "wrong" to have had a good personal experience watching the movie, but at Master Edition we just want to enhance that for everybody.