A New Hope intro

Star Wars: A New Hope is what started it all, it’s a superb film. From a stunning beginning, to one of the most beautifully made endings I’ve ever seen (the throne room ceremony), this movie is a masterpiece. Along with the natural feel of the character interaction, this movie shows a lot of contrast between realism and fantasy, from the dirty droids on Tatooine to the might of the Death Star flying around the galaxy. Unfortunately, the biggest problem with this movie is that it’s very different from the prequels and is now very outdated. The technology looks old, the people look very 70’s, even Darth Vader’s voice sounds outdated.

The changes I’ve proposed for this movie are not very extensive, but they could be costly if a lot of CGI work is done, which in my opinion is quite needed. Take a look at this list and don’t forget to send me any ideas you might have.

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