The Empire Strikes Back intro

The Empire Strikes Back appeals less to children and more to an older audience, but like with many Star Wars fans, ESB has become my favorite movie of the saga. This movie is just so powerful and moving and realistic and fantastic, it’s a real epic. It made the first Star Wars movie look so much better, and I’m sure without a doubt that it had a huge impact on making Star Wars what it is today, being the best sequel of all time and all.

It has very few problems from my point of view, virtually no plot errors, but like any other movie, it’s not perfect. There are things that could be fixed or improved, especially now that we’ve seen all six films. It has a lot less work to be done when it comes to making it look more modern if you compare it to ANH, but it does have things to be done here and there.

Here’s my list for this masterpiece.

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