Audio issues and music

Why: The audio problems of ANH start with the old version of the Fox Fanfare and continue on throughout the movie. The general quality of the sound is rather poor compared to all the other movies. The movie was made in the 70’s so it might be hard to resolve some of the audio issues, but they should nevertheless be addressed seriously to make the movie seem less outdated. Special attention should be paid to improving the characters’ voices. There are also several instances where sound effects might have to be replaced with newer versions because of their sheer lack of quality, such as the falling rocks in the canyon on Tatooine.

As for the music, it’s great. It’s what made Star Wars Star Wars, but in some places it seems a bit too loud and high-pitched. I think the music can be slightly altered in some scenes, maybe even include parts of some PT tracks. A lot of people are also for including the Imperial March, but if it’s to be integrated, great care should be taken to make it very subtle.

Some scenes, like the Falcon’s approach to Yavin, feel like they are lacking music. This should also be addressed.

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