Frame jumps and other graphics issues

Why: There are a few graphics issues that should be considered:
  • There are several obvious frame jumps in the movie, like when lightsabers are ignited, doors are opened, etc. All these should be taken care of with CGI.
  • The blaster shot effects are "ok" for the most part, but if there is to be total saga continuity, then they should all be redone to match the shots we see in the PT. Also the stun ray effect that the troopers use on Leia should be fixed up to look and sound better. Lastly the blaster shots of the Imperial troops fill the screen with a terrible pink glow, which doesn't appear in the other movies.
  • Even in the BluRay release, some matte lines and boxes are still there, especially around some of the TIE fighters, so those should be taken care of once and for all.
  • The computer displays are also a big issue here, because there is big difference between what we see in this movie and what we see in the PT; it's too outdated. These include consoles and monitors on the Death Star, the Falcon, and in the rebel base. These should be digitally enhanced to look more modern.
  • There is also a big problem with smoke. We see a lot of smoke throughout most of the movie’s action scenes. Practically every time a shot is fired, the screen gets filled with smoke. I don’t know if this is possible to fix, but if it is, the smoke should be greatly reduced.
  • Lastly, the explosions should be fixed to match the prequels’ standards.


  1. Its almost impossible to remove the smokes from the scenes unless you want to recreate it from scratch. Always remember continuity and how the solutions will affect the actors etc.

  2. I agree with you about the smoke...