Becoming Vader

Why: I didn’t like the way Anakin had the Vader armor put on because of two reasons. The first one is because it’s just too damn fast. It’s like they have a whole supply of Vader suits at a store somewhere and they just decided to get one for Anakin. I always imagined that there was some transition period in which Anakin would be seen slowly recovering, using all kinds of breathing machines and not being able to move until one day the Emperor presents him with the Vader suit so that he can walk and breathe again. In the movie it looks as if the suit is a kind of prison like in, “The Man in the Iron Mask,” which is the second thing I didn’t like.

Also, if Vader’s identity is to be kept as a slight mystery, then the whole scene of him getting suited up should be modified. The main objective of the mystery is to make the people wonder whether the person in the Vader mask is Anakin or if Palpatine had already found himself a new apprentice. I would also play around with the idea of Vader appearing to betray and murder Anakin…in like a dream or a vision or something, so that when Obi-Wan says to Luke how his father died, it doesn’t sound like pure BS. This can be achieved, but it’s going to be rather tricky.


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