Obi-Wan crying

Why: There should be a scene as Obi-Wan is walking away from Anakin’s body and going towards the ship where he just realizes all that’s happened and falls to the floor crying. This I feel would be a crucial addition to the movie, because it would invoke a deep sense of loss, grief, and tragedy in the audience. This would also show how much Obi-Wan really loved Anakin and felt really bad about killing him.

How: The scene can go something like this: as Obi-Wan is walking away from the place where Anakin died, he notices Anakin’s lightsaber on the floor. He looks at it for a second, and the emotions come flooding in. He falls to the floor on his knees, covering the lightsaber. He cries for a few seconds before the scene cuts. This would definitely need additional shooting unless by some miracle it’s already been shot and cut from the movie, but it should be shown just before he goes back to the ship.

For this to be realistic, in the following scene of him boarding the ship and checking up on Padmé, his eyes and his face should be a bit red as a result of just crying a second ago. It would also be nice if his eyes could fill up with tears when Padmé asks him, “Is Anakin alright?” These modifications to his eyes and face could all be done with CGI.

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