Council meeting

Why: The council meeting was generally fine, but there were a few things that bugged me a bit. The first one is when Yoda says, “Handle that, your padawan will,” there’s a long pause before Mace Windu starts talking.

The second thing I didn’t like was when Mace tells Anakin what to do. First he tells him to escort Padmé to Naboo, and then he tells him not to use a registered transport. It’s too quick, like he already had a speech prepared and he’s reciting it.

When Anakin suggests him that it would be hard for her to leave the capital, Mace gives him this look of disgust, which is the third thing I didn’t like.

And lastly, the music when the Jedi are leaving doesn't sound right, not for the Jedi Council. I think it should be changed to something else.

How: First, remove the pause between Yoda and Mace’s lines.

Second, instead of Mace telling Anakin everything, have Ki-Adi-Mundi say something like, “And it would not be wise for you to use registered transport. Traveling as refugees would be a better choice.

Third, remove the shot of Mace looking at Anakin with disgust.

Lastly, replace the exiting music with something different, something that would make a good contrast between the Jedi and Palpatine, who appears in the next scene.

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