Why: Alright, this is a bit of an abstract idea from my side, but I think it might be pretty cool to have a short scene on Dantooine, to help out in making the almost too linear plot not so linear. Also, seeing Dantooine would please a lot of “Knights of the Old Republic” fans.

How: Maybe have a shot of Imperial scout ships approaching Dantooine and show them landing somewhere strategic, where they wouldn’t be detected by the rebels.

Then have a scene of a few covert-ops troopers infiltrating a rebel facility, only to find it abandoned. They could then notify their superiors, followed by the superiors contacting the Death Star.


  1. This will going to ruin the pacing of the film.
    Also this will turn like a fanfilm rather a fanedit.

  2. Yeah it is a pretty abstract idea, but I thought I'd let the fans ponder on it and see what others think...