Death Star interior

Why: The Death Star, although pretty futuristic, looks kind of old now that we’ve seen a whole new world in the prequels. Things like the tractor beam generator, the consoles and panels, etc., all have a sort of older feeling to them.

How: Remake some consoles and panels in CGI, make the Death Star schematics look more 3D, make the tractor beam more futuristic, make some new CGI flying droids, etc., anything to make it look more modern, kind of like what was done with Cloud City in the 1997 Special Edition of ESB.

I think special attention should be paid to the control room shown below.

I would remove the whole wall and replace it with CGI. Maybe create a big window and transparent controls to make it look more futuristic.

Another thing that I feel would greatly improve the interior of the Death Star would be a little more focus on its immense size. This could be done by converting some of the walls in the corridors to open areas, or windows showing just how BIG the Death Star is.

Also the creature that appears in the trash compactor should be CGI to make it look more like a real menace than a little eye looking around. Maybe show a few tentacles sticking out of the water as well.

The last thing is the amount of smoke we see on the Death Star. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that much smoke in a movie. As I mentioned earlier, if the smoke is possible to change, the amount of smoke should be greatly reduced from a lot of the Death Star scenes, especially in the detention block.


  1. How are you going to deal with the moving shots that require 3d tracking? I like the idea of modernize the death star but the task becomes impossible for keeping track what is where and with perspective issues.

  2. As time goes by, technology moves forward. In the Special Editions they replaced the walls of Cloud City with windows, and now, 14 years later we should be able to do at least some of this stuff. I'm just happy that I'm not the one doing it :)

  3. They are ILM from professionals. You cant expect know these stuff unless you are into the industry or its your job.

  4. I don't know as much as them, obviously, but I've seen enough documentaries to get a fair idea of what's possible and what's not.