Darth Vader's costume

Why: Vader’s helmet in ANH looks way too dull compared to the other movies. It doesn’t shine like the one in ESB, ROTJ, and ROTS. Also, in a lot of scenes, you can see right through the visor on Vader’s helmet and see the actor inside.

Finally, his costume should have blinking lights on his chest plate which is shown in all the other movies. All this can be done with CGI and it has been done by some fans already.


  1. Hmm how are you gonna make the helmet more shinny?
    Do you have experience on 3d modeling and 3d tracking?
    The rest you noted indeed has been done from others so im interested to see what you would be able to pull of

  2. Thankfully, I'm just here to help organize suggestions, the real work is done by others. In theory though, a shine is just a reflection of the surroundings, so by giving the helmet a shine is, in essence, generating a digital image over it that takes the ambient lighting and imagery into account.

  3. Rendering in passes is the easy part. Matching the movement on Vader's helmet is the tricky one.
    So its an edit with the work of others and not yours?

  4. Master Edition is not an edit, it's suggestions for those who want to make an edit, and the opinions of the Star Wars community on those changes.