"Doesn't doesn't count"

Why: When Anakin tells Obi-Wan about how many times he’d saved his life, Obi-Wan mentions that an incident on Cato Nemoidia doesn’t count, except that he says “doesn’t” twice. The way he says it and the way he moves looks like the tape got played twice in that second, plus saying it twice sounds really stupid, like messing up on the punch line when telling a joke.

How: Remove one of the times he says “doesn’t” by just cutting that segment out of the film, and it should fit just fine without any signs of a frame jump…I think…

Also, an idea for adding some extra humor to the dialogue is to increase the number of times Anakin saved Obi-Wan so that Anakin says something like, “Alright, but you owe me one, and not for saving your skin for the twenty-sixth time,” to which Obi-Wan replies, “Twenty-fifth time. That business on Cato Nemoidia doesn’t count.” For some reason, a bigger number sounds funnier, like they’re both very keen on keeping an exact score.

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