Post-war Coruscant

Why: In the novel and in the Clone Wars cartoon, Coruscant gets badly attacked by the separatists and sustains a lot of damage. In the movie though, you don’t see that it was through a battle. It looks like a nice, peaceful, futuristic planet, with no sign that it had just gone through a huge battle. I think it needs some kind of evidence that a battle took place there, damaged buildings, etc. to get a better feel for the war, and to actually make more sense.

How: The simplest way is just to make some buildings look damaged, and maybe reduce the traffic flying around in Coruscant’s skies.

There could be a new scene of Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Palpatine in their shuttle, flying to meet the welcoming committee. Someone could make a comment on how few speeders there are flying around (and actually delete a lot of speeders from most Coruscant scenes) as well as noticing some of the damage done to some buildings. Palpatine can reply to this by describing what happened during the assault on the planet.

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