Dooku watching from above

Why: Some of the shots of Dooku and his posse standing above the arena and looking on look really rough and add to the unprofessional feel of the movie. Some of them should be removed while others have to be fixed up to make the movie flow a little smoother.

How: There are some shots that should be removed because they look a bit rough and serve no purpose. Others should be modified to be a little better:
  • Shoot her or something,” is a really dumb line and should be removed. It really makes Nute Gunray sound like a total whiner and it’s really annoying.
  • Jango, finish her off!” should be cut because Nute Gunray looks like he’s using Jango as a dog, especially because Jango is just about to put his helmet on and fly on down. The line before and the line after should be kept the same though.

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